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Driver Fatigue Detection via Eye State Analyses Based on Deep Learning Approach

7th International Conference on Smart City Applications, SCA 2022, Castelo Branco, Portugal, 19 - 21 October 2022, vol.629 LNNS, pp.452-462 identifier

Fruit Recognition and Classification with Deep Learning Support on Embedded System (fruitnet)

2020 Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications Conference, ASYU 2020, İstanbul, Turkey, 15 - 17 October 2020 identifier

Real Time Driver Fatigue Detection Based on SVM Algorithm

6th International Conference on Control Engineering Information Technology, İstanbul, Turkey, 25 - 27 October 2018, pp.851-854 identifier

Video Görüntüleri Kullanılarak Sürücü Yorgunluğu Sezme Sistemi Geliştirilmesi

Akıllı Sistemlerde Yenilikler ve Uygulamalar (ASYU) Konferansı, Antalya, Turkey, 5 - 07 October 2017

A Smart Tracking Systems for Museums

6th World Conferance on Innovation and Computer Science, 12 - 14 May 2016

The Realization of Face Detection and Fullness Detection in Medium by Using Haar Cascade Classifiers

24th Signal Processing and Communication Application Conference (SIU), Zonguldak, Turkey, 16 - 19 May 2016, pp.2217-2220 Sustainable Development identifier identifier

LSB based steganography over video files using Koblitz s Method

2015 23nd Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), Malatya, Turkey, Turkey, 16 - 19 May 2015, pp.1034-1037 identifier identifier

The Application of Optical Character Recognition for Mobile Device via Artificial Neural Networks with Negative Correlation Learning Algorithm

10th International Conference on Electronics, Computer and Computation (ICECCO), Ankara, Turkey, 7 - 09 November 2013, pp.220-223 identifier identifier

FPGA Based Implementation of CORDIC using different number format

International Conference on Technological Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (TAEECE), Konya, Turkey, 9 - 11 May 2013, pp.444-448 identifier identifier

Leaf recognition using K NN classification algorithm

2012 20th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), Mugla, Turkey, Turkey, 18 - 20 April 2012

Swot Analysing For Cloud Computing

7th International Symposium on Intelligent and Manufacturing Systems, 10 - 12 September 2010

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Proceedings of Seventh International Congress on Information and Communication Technology

in: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, , Editor, Springer Singapore, London, pp.794-804, 2022




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