Determination of the effect of integration microalgae culture and hydroponic culture on growth of Mentha piperita

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Özer Uyar G. E. (Executive) , Mısmıl N.

Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2018 - 2019

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
  • Begin Date: May 2018
  • End Date: January 2019

Project Abstract

Today, commercial and industrial application areas of both microalgae and hydroponic cultures are increasing. While microalgae have application areas such as food and cosmetic, fatty acid production, hydroponic cultures are a preferred alternative plant growth regime, particularly when the soil is not suitable for plant breeding. The purpose of the project is the improvement of both the algae cultivation and plant growth by combining the microalgae culture with the hydroponic system. In addition, the effects of plants on the growth of algae cultures will also be investigated. The project will be completed in four work packages (1-purchase of equipment and supplies, 2-planting seeds of mint, cress and rocket plants, obtaining plantlets, 3-growing algae cultures and 4-transferring plantlets to hydroponic system and collecting data, evaluating results) for a total of eight months. Most of the equipment required is available in our laboratory. The project will provide dissolved oxygen meter, air pump and consumables. By this project it will be shown that the microalgae thought to be a problem in hydroponic systems and plants grown in hydroponic system will survive symbiotically, and also the effect of carbon dioxide produced by the plant root to microalgae and the effect of the oxygen produced by the microalgae to the plants roots will be shown with the experimental system. This study will contribute to the fact that algal culture and hydroponic culture are unique to the literature. Chlorella spp. as a microalgae, mint, cress and rocket as a plant will be used in this study.