Testing the doubly charged charm-strange tetraquarks

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AGAEV S. S. , Azizi K., Sundu H.

EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, cilt.78, 2018 (SCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


The spectroscopic parameters and decay channels of the doubly charged scalar, pseudoscalar and axial-vector charm-strange tetraquarks Z((c) over bars) = [sd][(uc) over bar] are explored within framework of the QCD sum rule method. The masses and current couplings of these diquark-antidiquark states are calculated by means of two-point correlation functions and taking into account the vacuum condensates up to eight dimensions. To compute the strong couplings of Z((c) over bars) states with D, D-s, D*, D*(s), D-s1(2460), D*(s0)(2317), pi and K mesons we use QCD light-cone sum rules and evaluate width of their S- and P-wave decays to a pair of negatively charged conventional mesons: For the scalar state Z((c) over bars) -> D-s pi, DK, D-s1(2460)pi, for the pseudoscalar state Z((c) over bars) -> D*(s)pi, D* K, D*(s0)(2317)pi, and for the axial-vector state Z((c) over bars) -> D*(s)pi, D* K, D-s1(2460)pi decays are investigated. Obtained predictions for the spectroscopic parameters and decay widths of the Z((c) over bars) tetraquarks may be useful for experimental investigations of the doubly charged exotic hadrons.