Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering

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Artkın F.

Avrupa Bilim ve Teknoloji Dergisi, no.45, pp.159-163, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, as one of the most sophisticated science and technology in today's world, is increasingly being used to production and life, particularly in the manufacturing business. it demonstrates how artificial intelligence technology is used in mechanical manufacturing, namely in defect detection, quality inspection, enhancing workplace safety, and other areas. Artificial intelligence technology is becoming increasingly important in people's lives as it becomes more widely used in people's daily lives, such as the widespread use of smart dishwashers and smart sweepers, which are the products of the fusion of artificial intelligence and the mechanical manufacturing industry. Indeed, artificial intelligence technology has been widely utilized in the mechanical manufacturing business, which not only ensures production precision, but also enhances job productivity and workplace safety. The rise of artificial intelligence has caused significant changes in the manufacturing industry as a whole. Without exception, the manufacturing industry must rely on AI technology to accomplish automation and intelligent development, as well as to improve productivity. Using artificial intelligence to categorize mechanical components, we may propose parts from a based solely on an image or CAD model. To find a necessary component in a machines we must currently browse through a catalogue and be able to discern which part you want based on the available possibilities and your understanding of the catalogue. There are serial numbers to memorize since a single digit or character change might indicate a different sort of part. The algorithm will choose which sections are the best and will significantly facilitate our search.