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Institutional Information: Ilahiyat Fakültesi, Islam Tarihi Ve Sanatları, Islam Sanatları Ve Dini Musıki
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities

Names in Publications: Tuba Ruhengiz DİKBIYIK




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She was born in Erzurum in 1984. She graduated from KTU Faculty of Theology in 2006. She completed her master's degree in Islamic Arts and History at Marmara University in 2008. She completed her doctorate in the same field at Istanbul University in 2022. She took part in many national and international exhibitions, art organizations and international and national congresses and symposiums with her papers. She has published a total of 7 articles: 2 in international journals, 2 in national peer-reviewed journals and 3 in non-refereed journals. She served as field editor of a national peer-reviewed journal, as a member of the symposium organizing scientific committee, session chair, and as a referee for many articles. Azaklı, who is interested in art as well as her academic studies, received Calligraphy and Marbling training from Fuat Başar. She also studied miniature art and scientific plant painting. She has traditional permission from her teacher in the art of marbling and performs this art professionally. Her works can be found in official and private collections, as well as in some albums, catalogs and publications. Generic marbling shots were broadcast on ATV throughout 2012. She participated in some programs as a marbling artist, especially the program called "Klasik Sanatlar Zamanı" broadcast on TRT Diyanet channel. She contributed as a guest to the "Exceptional Colors" Documentary broadcast on TRT2 in 2023. Azaklı, a traditional handicraft artist affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has been the head of the Department of Turkish-Islamic Arts History at Kocaeli University Faculty of Theology since 2019 and Dr. She is a lecturer and continues her academic and artistic studies.


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