The Influences of Environmental Factors on Abrasive Wear of FKM, NBR and CR


JOURNAL OF POLYTECHNIC-POLITEKNIK DERGISI, vol.19, no.1, pp.1-8, 2016 (ESCI) identifier


Wear resistance is an important factor which influences the working life of many rubber products such as seals and conveyor belts. Most rubber products operate in presence of corrosion, ozone, thermal cycling and heat during the service life. In this experimental study, the influences of environmental factors such as ozone, corrosion, thermal cycling and environmental stress on abrasive wear behaviors of FKM, NBR and CR rubbers were investigated. Abrasion tests were performed to determine tribological properties of samples. The roughness of wear surfaces and hardness of samples were measured. The surfaces of samples before and after exposing ozone were carried out with microscope. The all of the environmental factors caused to decrease of hardness of samples. The volume loss and wear rate values of all samples exposed to ozone increased. The all samples exposed to NaCl solution have highly wear resistance. After ozone tests, the cracks and ruptures from surfaces were occurred in some samples. FKM has the most stress-cracking resistance in the tested materials.