Signature of an h(1) state from J/psi -> eta K*(0)(K)over-bar*(0) and theoretical description of the Z(c)(3900) and Z(c)(4020) as D(D)over-bar and D*(D)over-bar* molecular states

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Oset E., Xie J. J. , Albaladejo M., Aceti F., BAYAR M. , Dias J. M. , ...More

13th International Workshop on Production, Properties and Interaction of Mesons (MESON), Cracow, Poland, 29 May - 03 June 2014, vol.81 identifier identifier


In this talk we address two topics: The first one is an empirical explanation in terms of a new state h(1) of the peak in the K*(0)(K) over bar*(0) invariant mass distribution close to threshold of this channel in the J/psi -> eta K*(0)(K) over bar*(0) decay. The second one is a theoretical description of the isospin I = 1 Z(c)(3900) and Z(c)(4020) states in terms of molecular states of D (D) over bar* + cc and D*(D) over bar*.