ALTHIS: Design of An End to End Integrated Remote Patient Monitoring System and a Case Study for Diabetic Patients


Medical Technologies National Congress (TIPTEKNO), Magusa, CYPRUS, 8 - 10 November 2018 identifier identifier


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is the new concept in the field of healthcare and telemedicine, implementation of which is enabled by the developments in the information and communication technology. In RPM, real time and continuous monitoring of vital parameters of a patient is required. In this study, framework architecture and components of and end-to-end RPM referred to as ALTHIS is explained, which we have developed for the purpose of real time transfer of vital parameters to hospital information systems, for effective doctor patient interaction, for making necessary notifications under critical situtations (emergency call notification from patient, system warnings to patient or caregiver when anomaly detected in vital parameters, etc). This system is comprised of four main components that we have designed and developed: Mobile application software "patient assistant module (PAM)" running on Android and IOS mobile device, "Measurement Station (MESTA)" Windows store software running on touchscreen PC, and "Server and Monitoring System (SEMS" running on a server that is located at the hospital and works in interaction with other hospital information systems, and "Wearable Patient Monitoring Module (WPMM)". As an application study of ALTHIS, we consider monitoring of glucose measurements of diabetic patients. Based on glucose measurements, a doctor centric decision support mechanism has been implemented.