The B-c -> J/Psi KD weak decay and its relation with the Ds0*(2317) resonance

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Fernandez-Soler P., Sun Z., BAYAR M. , Oset E.

14th International Workshop on Meson Production, Properties and Interaction (MESON), Krakow, Poland, 2 - 07 June 2016, vol.130 identifier identifier


We study the influence of the D-s0*(2317)(+) resonance in the decay B-c -> J/psi DK. In this process, we consider that the B-c meson decays first into J/psi and the quark pair c (s) over bars, and then the quark pair hadronizes into DK or D-s eta components. The final state interaction, generating the D-s0*(2317)(+) resonance, is described by the chiral heavy meson unitary approach. With the parameters chosen in order to match the pole position of the D-s0*(2317)(+), we obtain the DK invariant mass distribution of the decay B-c -> J/psi DK, and also the rate for B-c -> J/psi D-s0*(2317). We predict the ratio of these two magnitudes. This decay mechanism has not been measured yet, and it would provide insight about the nature of this resonance.