A three body state with J=3 in the rho B*(B)over-bar* interaction

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Fernandez-Soler P., BAYAR M. , Sun Z., Oset E.

14th International Workshop on Meson Production, Properties and Interaction (MESON), Krakow, Poland, 2 - 07 June 2016, vol.130 identifier identifier


We study the rho B*(B) over bar* system solving the Faddeev equations in the fixed center approximation. The B*(B) over bar* system will be considered forming a cluster, and using the two-body rho B* unitarized scattering amplitudes in the local Hidden Gauge approach we find a new I(J(PC)) = 1(3(--)) state. The mass of the new state corresponds to a two particle invariant mass of the rho B* system close to the resonant energy of the B-2*(5747), indicating that the role of this J = 2 resonance is important in the dynamical generation of the new state.