Effect of ultrasonic melt treatment on the tribological behavior of 7075 aluminum alloy

Vatansever F., Ertürk A. T., Feyzullahoğlu E.

Materials Testing-Materials And Components Technology And Application, vol.62, no.12, pp.1243-1250, 2020 (SCI-Expanded)


In this study, the tribological properties of 7075 aluminum alloy produced

by ultrasonic melt treatment (UST) are investigated. Tribological

properties of untreated and ultrasonically treated samples under dry

and lubricated sliding conditions were analyzed experimentally by the

block on ring test method. Worn surfaces of untreated and ultrasonically

treated samples were scanned by 3D optical profilometer and analyzed

to search out wear characteristics in the material. Furthermore, microstructural

examinations were conducted to investigate the beneficial

effects of UST on the microstructural properties of the alloy using optical

and scanning electron microscopy. According to the results obtained,

UST refines the α-Al phase of the alloy and disperses precipitates to

grain boundaries more uniformly. Also, hardness and density of the

alloy increased through the effect of UST. Due to these favorable effects,

the wear resistance of the alloy increased and the worn surfaces of the

ultrasonically treated samples exhibited lower surface roughness

according to 3D surface roughness measurements.