Alpha capture reaction cross section measurements on Sb isotopes by activation method

KORKULU Z., ÖZKAN N. , Kiss G. G. , Szuecs T., Fueloep Z., GÜRAY R. T. , ...Daha Fazla

6th Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Conference (NPA), Lisbon, Portekiz, 19 - 24 Mayıs 2013, cilt.665 identifier identifier


Alpha induced reactions on natural and enriched antimony targets were investigated via the activation technique in the energy range from 9.74 MeV to 15.48 MeV, close to the upper end of the Gamow window at a temperature of 3 GK relevant to the gamma-process. The experiments were carried out at the Institute for Nuclear Research, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA Atomki). Sb-121(a, gamma) I-125, Sb-121(a, n) I-124 and Sb-123(a, n) I-126 reactions were measured using a HPGe detector. In this work, the Sb-121(a, n)(124) cross section results and the comparison with the theoretical predictions (obtained with standard settings of the statistical model codes NON-SMOKER and TALYS) were presented.