Novel Functional Axially Substituted Silicon(IV) Phthalocyanine Derivative and its Photochemical Properties

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Yanik H., Ekineker G.

Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society, Section A: Chemistry, vol.9, no.2, pp.545-552, 2022 (Scopus) identifier identifier


© 2022, Turkish Chemical Society. All rights reserved.Photodynamic therapy is a highly specific and clinically approved method in which the patient is administered a non-toxic photosensitizer to treat cancer. Phthalocyanines with their long-wavelength absorption and fluorescence from 650 to 800 nm can be used as photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy, and are used in clinical studies. Our work aims to synthesize functionally new di-axially N-Boc-ethanolamine substituted silicon(IV) phthalocyanine (PS-2). Structural characterization of this novel PS-2 via FT-IR, mass,1H NMR, and UV-Vis spectroscopy was performed. Photochemical properties (photodegradation quantum yields (Φd) and singlet oxygen quantum yield (ΦΔ) of PS-2, which are the first steps in cancer treatment, were investigated.