Çelik S.

“Logic” of Our Age: The Individual and Society in the Market’s Grasp, Koç Şevket Alper,Önver Makbule Şiriner, Editör, IJOPEC PUBLİCATİON, London, ss.189-208, 2015

  • Basım Tarihi: 2015
  • Basıldığı Şehir: London
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.189-208
  • Editörler: Koç Şevket Alper,Önver Makbule Şiriner, Editör


Capitalism has shaped the whole superstructure institutions such as now lives
in every country where economics, politics, culture, art, morals education system.
It has been published many studies on the effects of the industrial revolution to the
present capitalization process in Turkey. In the same way, many works produced
over bumps, shocks and other soldiers with a variety of tools have addressed and
how it affects society and politics. In fact, both the capitalization process of being
affected by the military bureaucracy and blow through both the needs of the
capitalist system by taking part in the formation of the social model, affects the
capitalization process. In our article, it were revealed that capital accumulation
process of the military bureaucracy constitutional and institutional position to the
effect focused, military bureaucracy, state/societal transformation is not in the process
himself conversion / transformation and that this produces results. Therefore,
this article was written that is not to demonstrate the dynamics of the capitalization
object that has been seen as published enormously, process but the process of
Turkey’s military transformation of the bureaucracy to watch over and Turkey on
“military re-organization” which it’s seen as facts and events of the other plans in
the capitalization process of the yacht and actually converted the only state, and finally
the socio-economic is not structure of society but also it can be demonstrated
the military itself.