Clock Rooms Constructed during the Reign of Sultan Abdulmecid


OSMANLI ARASTIRMALARI-THE JOURNAL OF OTTOMAN STUDIES, no.49, pp.267-291, 2017 (AHCI) identifier identifier


This study examines clock rooms (muvakkithane), counted among Sultan Abdulmecid's foundation works, which he commissioned in Taif, Trabzon, Chios and Hagia Sophia with the purpose of primarily determining prayer times, meeting public's expectations and doing charity. The main sources of the study consist of Ottoman Archives of the Prime Minister's Office and regiters from the archives of Directorate General of Foundations. Focuses on certain issues related to the aforementioned clock rooms, such as construction reasons, construction costs, completion period, repairs, regulation, staff assignment, qualifications, positions and salaries of staff. it also aims to answer questions such as whether the salaries were paid regularly or not, whether these buildings still exist, and if they do, for what purpose they are currently being use. Thus the current study brings to light some of Sultan Abdulmecid's endowment works, and contributes to the history of clock rooms.