Design Principles of and Modelling Self-Sufficient Green Houses

Basoglu M. E. , ÇAKIR B.

1st International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Nagasaki, Japonya, 11 - 14 Kasım 2012 identifier identifier


Traditional houses consume electrical energy in AC form which is generated by thermal power plants or other energy sources that cause environmental pollution, CO2 emission and global warming. The most important parts of a green house are renewable energy sources like photovoltaic and wind based systems. In this work, our proposed green house generates electrical energy in DC form from photovoltaic panels and wind energy systems. The power capacity of a photovoltaic panel and a wind turbine generator is determined by the region. This paper presents some modelling principles of power generation units and some other electronic devices for traditional houses. Electrical appliances for household use are determined and daily load consumption scenarios are created by us. Design principles of a green house and KOU-Green House project's prominent contents are the main concerns of this publication and the most considerable details about the green houses are described.