Bilateral Facial Paralysis

Budak F., Ozkara B.

E. Journal of Med. Invest. ( , vol.5, pp.12-14, 2017 (Scopus)


Benign unilateral episodic mydriasis, is a related entity in which intermittent episodes of pupillary asymmetry mydriasis occur in young adults, usually women. Each episode is self-limited, and the situation has not been associated with any systemic or neurologic disease. Usually related to migraine, some authors classify it as a limited form of ophthalmoplegic migraine. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are effective in the treatment of depression, generalized anxiety disorder and a recurrently regarded as the pharmacotheraphy of choice. Probabl central inhibitory effects of SSRI extend to dilation-correlated neurons that inhibit the E.W. nucleus, the administration of SSRI would also suppress BUEM. The underlying physiopathology is not clear and may involve either parasympathetic deficiency or sympathetic hyperactivity affecting the iris. We consider that intermittent inhibition of dilation-corelated neurons in the Edinger West pal nucleus are responsible for the pupillary dilatations seen in BUEM.