Performance evaluation of an automobile air conditioning system using R134a

Esen D. O.

International Conference on Materials Science and Information Technology (MSIT 2011), Singapore, Singapur, 16 - 18 Eylül 2011, ss.4952-4958 identifier identifier


In this paper, a detailed energy and exergy analysis have been dealt with on experimental AAC (Automobile Air Conditioning) system with R134a as working refrigerant. For this aim, an experimental AAC system consisting of a laminated type evaporator, swash plate type compressor, a parallel flow type condenser, TXV(thermostatic expansion valve) and a receiver drier. The performance analysis of separate components of AAC system has been carried out under various compressor speeds and thermal loads. AAC system equipped with increasing compressor speed by three-phase electric motor controlled by frequency converter. Various thermal loads in the range of 1500 and 2850 W were applied to the system by means of electric heaters. The experiments were conducted at the condensing temperatures of 50-60 oC for each thermal load, and at the compressor speeds of 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 rpm for each thermal load-condensing temperature combination. The refrigerant and air temperatures, refrigerant pressures, compressor speed, air velocity passing through the evaporator and thermal load were measured. Effects on system performance of such operational parameters as compressor speed, return air in the evaporator and condensing air temperatures have been experimentally evaluated and by means of energy and exergy analysis.