Maritime Transport Logistics Service Capabilities Impact On Customer Service And Financial Performance: An Application In The Turkish Maritime Sector

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Yorulmaz M. , Birgün S.

Journal of Business Research - Turk, vol.3, no.9, pp.468-486, 2017 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)


Due to the globalization of economy, Maritime logistics play a very important

role in the field of logistics. The reason for working in this framework is to determine

the service capabilities of maritime logistics and to identify the relationships between

these capabilities and the company’s performance. For these purposes, research models

and hypotheses have been developed based on the literature of business managment,

logistics and maritime business managment. The research model and hypotheses have

been analyzed using the data obtained from the survey of 377 managers of maritime

transport companies, who operate freight forwarders in Turkey.

According to the research findings, it was found that there is a significant

relationship between maritime logistics service capabilities and financial and customer

service performance. In addition, it has been revealed that the ability of information

intergration from maritime logistics service capabilities has the greatest influence on

financial and customer service performance, and also it has become clear that the speed

and reliability of maritime logistics service capabilities have no effect on financial and

customer service performance.