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Institutional Information: Mühendislik Fakültesi, Elektronik Ve Haberleşme Mühendisliği, Elektronik Ve Haberleşme Mühendisliği
Research Areas: Computer Sciences, algorithms, Performance Modelling and Evaluation, Simulation and Modelling, Computational Model, Distributed Systems, Complexity Theory, Parallel Algorithms, Numerical Algorithms, Sorting and Searching, Information Security and Reliability, Hiding Information, Information System Reliability, Hardware Security, Cryptography, Software Security, Computer Networks, Communications and Network Protocols, Data Routing, Information Visualization, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Computer Vision, Equipment, Processor Architectures, Logic Design, Integrated Circuits, Application Based Architecture, Database and Data Structures, Information Storage and Retrieval, Data Representation and Storage, Data Compression, Data Structures, Database Systems, Biomedical Image Processing, Biomedical Image Processing, Electronic, Printed Circuits, Thin Film, Thick Film and Hybrid ICs, Circuit Theory, Sensing Devices and Transducers, Electronic Circuits, Passive Circuit Components, Cables, Switches and Connectors, Aeronautical Engineering, Space Engineering, Structural Technologies, Aircraft System Technologies, Testing Techniques, Sensors / Electrooptics Technologies, Electrical / Electronic, Communication System, Software